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Grav Extra Large 20" Beaker Bong

Grav Extra Large 20" Beaker Bong

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Forget about the motion of the ocean, it's all about the size of the ship with Grav’s Extra Large Beaker Bong. This tantalizing bad boy is the largest water pipe that Grav produces and measures in at an enormous 20” inches tall. The Grav Extra Large Beaker Bong is equipped with a stylish geometric-pinched ice catcher for stacking up ice cubes within the straight neck as far as the eyes can see. The beaker bottom houses a Swiss-style percolator downstem that uses several holes at the base of the glass to effectively filter your smoke through water as you inhale. The extra lengthy neck and voluminous beaker base work in perfect harmony to give your smoke plenty of time to cool down within the thick borosilicate glass walls, especially when topped with ice. We recommend filling the base with approximately 3.5” inches of water for optimal filtration and just the right amount of draw-resistance. 

Grav Labs Extra Large Beaker Bong

The Grav Extra Large 20” inch Beaker Bong is complete with a sandblasted GRAV decal on the neck and finished with your choice of an entirely clear body, or with matching black accents on the mouthpiece and base. The joint is angled upwards for easy lighting of your herbs from the included 14mm Grav Cup Bowl, while the beveled base provides both a modern look and extra stability between uses. At the very top, a large rounded mouthpiece offers an ergonomic grip while handling this behemoth, and provides comfortable, airtight draws with every hit. The fission downstem is removable to allow for easy cleaning, whether you're giving this colossal beaker a full scrub down or just replacing the water inside. Short & sweet may do the trick but for those who yearn for something big, the Grav Extra Large 20” inch Beaker Bong is guaranteed to satisfy your needs and then some. 

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Grav® Extra Large Beaker Bong
High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
Swiss Percolator Downstem
50mm Heavy Wall Tubing
Ergonomic Mouthpiece
Geometric Ice Catcher
Natural Splashguard
Modern Design 
20” inches Tall
Beaker Base
Clear Glass
Easy to Clean
45° Joint Angle
14mm Female Joint
14mm Grav Cup Bowl
Sandblasted GRAV Decal 
Thick Scientific Glass Bong
Removable Fission Downstem
Choice of Black or Clear Accents
Sturdy 4” inch Wide Beveled Base
Proudly Designed in the USA [Austin, TX]
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