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Grav Large Hammer Bubbler w. Colored Accents

Grav Large Hammer Bubbler w. Colored Accents

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It’s hammer time and this Hammer Style Bubbler from Grav likes to party. The big brother of the Grav Basic Bubbler, this travel-friendly water pipe is perfect for large, filtered hits both at home and on-the-go. A fixed flower bowl on top provides you with sizeable bowl packs of your dry herbs, while leading your smoke down the fixed x-cut downstem located in the center of the main chamber. The diffuser downstem functions great with a minimal amount of water, and we recommend filling the chamber with about ½” an inch of water for optimal draw resistance. The main chamber is also equipped with a left side air carb for full control over the size of each hit. 

The Grav Colored Hammer Bubbler measures 4” inches tall by 7” inches in length. The rounded mouthpiece paired with the worked glass marble feet on the base allow the Grav Hammer Bubbler to proudly stand upright between uses. The body is made from clear borosilicate glass while the mouthpiece, downstem, and marble feet come in your choice of matching colored glass accents. Experience why bigger is always better with the Grav Hammer Style Bubbler today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav® Colored Hammer Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass
32mm Heavy Wall Tubing
Fixed X-Cut Downstem
Worked Marble Feet
Left Side Air Carb
7” inch Length
4” inches Tall
Deep Bowl
Thick Glass
Stands Upright
Fixed Flower Bowl
Etched GRAV Decal
Colored Glass Accents
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Scientific Glass Water Pipe
Made in the USA [Austin, TX]
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