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Grav "Phoenix" Open Top Ashcatcher (14mm Joint, 45° Angle)

Grav "Phoenix" Open Top Ashcatcher (14mm Joint, 45° Angle)

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The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher features the first of its kind removable top so you can add ice, snow, diffuser beads, or whatever you like to help filter your smoke! The removable top makes this revolutionary water pipe accessory from Grav the most innovative and easiest to clean ash catcher on the market. To use, simply fill the main chamber so that the water level is just above the fixed downstem, allowing your smoke to be effectively filtered on each rip. This water filtration catches unwanted debris and prevents ash from reaching the main chamber of your bong. Each attachment includes a glass-on-glass lid and a built-in kickstand for easy loading. We recommend filling the Phoenix Ashcatcher with both ice & water for refreshing hits as cold as an arctic windchill!

The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher was designed to get dirty while keeping your piece clean. The perfect tool for customizing your favorite glass bong, this Phoenix Ashcatcher features a 45° joint angle and 14mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 14mm female joint water pipe while accepting 14mm male accessories on top. The Phoenix Ashcatcher includes a matching 14mm Male Funnel Bowl Piece for your dry herbs. The 45° joint angle works best with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 45° joint angle. The Grav Phoenix Ashcatcher is available in multiple joint sizes and angles, so if this one doesn’t fit your needs click here to see the entire Phoenix lineup with other specifications. Keep your piece in pristine condition and rise from the ashes today with the Phoenix Ashcatcher from Grav!

Get Connected:

Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Grav® Phoenix Open Top Ashcatcher 
Unique Removable Lid (29mm)
Male Joint - Fits Female Joints
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Keeps Your Bong Clean
Glass-on-Glass Cap
Built-In Kickstand
6.25” inches Tall
Ice Chamber
Thick Glass
Easy to Clean
45° Joint Angle
Stemless Design
14mm Joint Sizes
14mm Grav Funnel Bowl
Sandblasted GRAV Decals
Accepts 14mm Male Accessories
Fits 14mm Female Joint Water Pipes
Proudly Made in the USA [Austin, TX]
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