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Grav Upline Upright Bubbler Pipe

Grav Upline Upright Bubbler Pipe

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The Grav Upline Upright Bubbler is a thick glass water pipe built to provide smooth rips both at home and on the go. Grav’s Upline series Upright Bubbler features a 14mm female joint that sits flush inside the top of the body and connects to the fixed downstem in the middle. The diffuser downstem effectively filters each hit through water as you draw from the straw-like mouthpiece, continuously cooling the smoke as it travels through the large glass chamber. Splashback is not an issue with the Upline Upright Bubbler, as the built-in glass rings inside the mouthpiece keep water from escaping the chamber. The thickness of this piece is superior to most and can withstand minor knocks that would usually shatter another bubbler.

Grav Upline Upright Bubbler Bong

The Grav Upline Upright Bubbler Pipe differs from a standard hammer bubbler in that it utilizes a 14mm Male Octobowl like a bong, rather than fixed bowl with a carb hole. Most bowl pieces allow debris and particles to flow through the stem, which can waste your herb and dirty your piece. However, the Grav Octobowl features a built-in glass screen that keeps your bubbler clean by preventing material from slipping through. Standing at 9” inches tall and sporting a black Upline Decal with a unique glass ripple design, this piece is as classy as it is functional. Get a bubbler that is unrivaled in all aspects with the Grav Upline Upright Bubbler today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Grav Upline® Upright Bubbler
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Fission Downstem
Prevents Splashback
Black Upline Decal
Unique Design
9” inches Tall
Flushmount Joint
14mm Female Joint
14mm Male Octobowl
75mm Diameter Tubing
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Thick Borosilicate Glass Bubbler

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