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Green Star Scenic Small 4-Piece Grinder

Green Star Scenic Small 4-Piece Grinder

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Enjoy a majestic scene while grinding your green with the Greenstar Scenic Small 4-Piece Grinder. These travel-friendly grinders are made with high-grade anodized aluminum and have a diameter of 1.5” inches. They feature razor-sharp diamond teeth to easily shred your dry herb and a pollen screen to sift your kief into a bottom chamber. The kief can be easily handled and packed with the included scraper tool for when you want your sessions to hit extra hard. Green Star offers these grinders in multiple eye-catching designs and colors, making them suitable to everyone’s preferences. Between the low price, high-quality build, and stunning designs, you can’t go wrong with the Green Star Scenic Small 4-Piece Grinder.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Green Star Scenic Small Grinder
Built-In Pollen Screen
Anodized Aluminum
Kief Compartment
Ergonomic Grip
4-Part Design
1.5” Diameter
Pollen Catcher
Magnetic Top Lid
Original Art Designs
Included Scraper Tool
Diamond Shaped Teeth
Compact & Travel-Friendly

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