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Green Star Stash Box Set

Green Star Stash Box Set

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Keep your stash freshly stored and hidden with the Green Star Stash Box Set. This stash box set comes with a stash box, rolling tray lid, 2.5” inch aluminum grinder, two 200ml glass stash jars, and compartments inside the box to keep all items secure. The box and jar lid are made of high-quality pine wood, so it is built to last. Each set has a matching theme featuring Green Star’s eye-catching artwork with the option to choose your grinder's color. These sets are perfect for those who want to keep their stash discreet in a stylish box that holds everything for a smoke sesh.

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Green Star Stash Box Set
Premium Craftsmanship
High-Quality Pine Wood
Discreet Stash Box
Rolling Tray Lid
Made in the USA
Aluminum Grinder
Two Glass Stash Jars
Multiple Compartments

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