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Heady Dad Troy Grinder

Heady Dad Troy Grinder

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The Heady Dad Troy Grinder is a high-function grinder with a lot of style. It is made from high-quality black walnut wood, which makes it lighter than metal grinders. The Troy is a 4-piece grinder with two teeth layers, a pollen screen, and a kief chamber at the bottom. The top parts of the grinder are equipped with sharp aluminum teeth to grind up the thickest and stickiest of nugs with ease. A pollen scraper and brush are included to help you handle your kief and ground bud, and keep your teeth clean between grinds. The Heady Dad Troy Grinder is a steal with its attractive looks, high-quality build, and affordable price.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Heady Dad Troy Walnut Grinder
High-Quality Walnut Wood Body
Stainless Steel Pollen Screen
Razor Sharp Grinding Teeth
Ergonomic Design
Easy to Grip
4-Part Design
Cleaning Brush
Magnetic Top Lid
Kief Compartment
Portable & Travel-Friendly
Pollen Scraper Tool Included

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