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Higher Standards ISO Pure

Higher Standards ISO Pure

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Consisting of 99% isopropyl alcohol, ISO Pure by Higher Standards quickly breaks down the toughest residues and buildup on glass pipes and more, ensuring a more elevated smoking experience. ISO Pure acts quickly to make cleaning your glass pipe easier and more effective. This premium isopropyl quickly evaporates, leaving no trace of moisture on surfaces. The 16 oz. bottle features a disc cap for mess-free carrying and easy pouring. Compatible with most glass, metal & silicone, Higher Standards ISO Pure ensures the best performance possible from your hand pipes, bongs and vaporizers.

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Higher Standards ISO Pure Alcohol
Made for Cleaning Glass Pipes & Bongs
Works on Glass, Metal & Silicone
99% Isopropyl Alcohol
Deep Cleaning Action
Streak-Free Finish
Fast Evaporation
Zero Oil Traces
16 oz. Bottle

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