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Highly Functional Clinger Joint Case

Highly Functional Clinger Joint Case

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The Clinger Joint Case is expertly designed to hold your preroll while still allowing you to use your lighter. The Stage One clinger has a one-joint capacity, and the Stage Two has a two-joint capacity. Slim and 100% smell-proof, it fits effortlessly into your pocket or bag, making it the ideal case for smokers on the go. Whether you want to store a fresh preroll or save a half-smoked one for later, the Clinger is the perfect companion. Crafted from easily recyclable ABS plastic, their products are environmentally friendly.

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Highly Functional Clinger Joint Case
Fits Standard BIC Lighters*
Fits Joints & Blunts
Bright Vibrant Colors
Protective Lighter Case
Protective Pre-Roll Case
Compact & Pocket-Friendly
Time Tested & Toker Approved

*Note: Lighter sold separately.

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