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iMini - 510 Threaded Oil Vaporizer Battery💧🔋

iMini - 510 Threaded Oil Vaporizer Battery💧🔋

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At just around 2" in length, the sleek, black iMini Vaporizer is perhaps the most pocket-friendly oil vape yet. A 1.8mm tank-style cartridge utilizes a wickless coil designed for smooth, flavor-rich rips. The fill port is compatible with oil concentrates of thick or thin consistency, offering more versatility than the average oil vaporizer. For preparing thicker concentrates, the iMini Vaporizer offers a pre-heat setting. A powerful 500mah battery heats to 15W in just seconds and can be quickly recharged via USB charger to keep your sessions going. The iMini Vaporizer is 510 threaded and compatible with industry standard pre-filled cartridges. 

Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, turn on the iMini Vaporizer by clicking the power button five times rapidly to unlock the device. Hold the down the power button to fire the coil and begin vaping instantly. For thicker oils press the button one time to preheat, then once your concentrates have melted to the perfect consistency press the button again to end preheating. When you're done vaping, you can lock and power off the iMini vaporizer by clicking the power button five times. The iMini vape offers the utmost pocket-friendly oil vaping experience available, delivering smooth rips with a super compact design that won't blow your cover.

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iMini Oil Vaporizer💧
510-Threaded Vaporizer Battery 🔋 

Works with Standard Pre-Filled Cartridges
Extremely Compact Design
10 Second Auto-Shutoff
2” inches Tall
500mAh Battery
15W Direct Output
Wickless Coil
Glass Oil Tank
USB Charging
Palm-Sized Design
Pre-Heating Function
Universal 510-Threading

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