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Juicy Jay’s Jones: Pre-Rolled Cones w. Dank 7 Wooden Tips (Full Box)

Juicy Jay’s Jones: Pre-Rolled Cones w. Dank 7 Wooden Tips (Full Box)

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A brand new design from the most delicious rolling papers company around, the Juicy Jay Jones Pre-Rolled Cones are a convenient and great-tasting choice to roll up your favorite dry herbs. These pre-rolled cones are made from a hemp/rice blend that creates a smooth and easy burn using a triple dip flavoring system that keep these pre-rolls mouthwatering from start to finish. Each pack of Juicy Jay Jones includes a Dank 7 wooden rolling tip that helps with airflow while preventing material from pulling through into your mouth. These wooden tips are reusable and can be used with any brand of pre-rolled cones afterward!

Juicy Jay’s Jones Pre-Rolled Cones with Tips

A single pack of Juicy Jay’s Jones includes two pre-rolled cones with one Dank 7 wooden tip. Each box contains 24 packs or 48 cones. Ready to fill and go at a moment’s notice, the hardest part about Juicy Jay’s Pre-Rolled Cones is choosing a tasty flavor!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Juicy Jay Jones Pre-Rolled Cones
Dank 7 Wooden Filter Mouthpiece
Pure Hemp Rolling Papers
Triple-Dip Flavor System
Soy Ink (Fruit Accents)
Smooth & Easy Burn
Choice of Flavor
Easy to Use
Flavored Cones
Cones per Pack: 2
Reusable Wood Tip
Tasty Flavored Papers
Pre-Rolled Rolling Papers
2x Extra-Lightweight Leaves

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