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KandyPens Feather E-Liquid Vaporizer 💧

KandyPens Feather E-Liquid Vaporizer 💧

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Meet the first ever e-cigarette vaporizer from KandyPens! The KandyPens Feather Vape is a revolutionary oil vape designed specifically for use with nicotine salts, although the unit is technically compatible with any vapable liquids you have on hand. Like the name implies, this stealthy vaporizer is ultra compact and light as a feather! Don’t lets its small size fool you, the KandyPens Feather has a powerful 380mAh battery to provide you mighty vapor production on-the-fly. Equipped with auto-draw functionality, the air-activated Feather doesn't require any heat up time to enjoy super smooth rips of your favorite nic salts. Put an end to fiddling with excess buttons and controls and enjoy vaping on-demand. A handy LED light indicates the level of battery life, and quickly charges up via the included micro-USB charger.

The KandyPens Feather Vaporizer features a unique compact build that stands just 3" inches tall and ⅓" an inch wide, available in a variety of vibrant colors. Proudly show it off or conceal it in your grip as you vape. Fashioned with a durable rubber black finish, this portable e-juice vaporizer encapsulates a minimalist look that won't burden your pockets. A 2ml refillable tank holds an adequate amount of juice to get you through each day and can easily be refilled as needed. Backed by a lifetime warranty on the battery, the KandyPens Feather will provide you big flavorful rips of your favorite nic salts from a remarkably stealthy and portable device.

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KandyPens Feather Vaporizer
Compatible with E-Liquids & Oils 💧
Designed for use with Nic Salts
Auto-Draw Functionality
2ml Refillable Oil Tank
LED Indicator Lights
380mAh Battery
Instant Heat Up
Variety of Colors
Micro-USB Charging
Super Compact Design
Durable Rubber Exterior
Lifetime Warranty on Battery
Measures 80mm Tall x 8mm Wide

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