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KandyPens Glass Oil Tank - Rose Gold💧

KandyPens Glass Oil Tank - Rose Gold💧

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Vaping liquid concentrates on-the-fly is easy with the KandyPens Glass Oil Tank in stylish Rose Gold. Enjoy the essential flavors, aromas, and benefits of oil concentrates on-the-go. The KandyPens glass oil tank is extra durable and inert, preserving the true essence of waxy oils. The rose gold build of the KandyPens oil tank looks sleek and feels solid. An ergonomic mouthpiece has low resistance for larger draws. Unscrew the KandyPens glass oil tank (Rose Gold) in seconds using the 510 threading for easy cleaning and replacement. Expect delicious clouds of oil concentrate vapor from the KandyPens Glass Oil Tank.

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KandyPens Glass Oil Tank 💧
Rose Gold Mouthpiece
Glass Tank
Easy Refills
510 Threaded
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