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Kannastor 60-Mesh Monofilament Easy Change Screensâ„¢

Kannastor 60-Mesh Monofilament Easy Change Screensâ„¢

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Kannastor believes that you shouldn’t have to replace your entire grinder when one simple component becomes worn out. That’s why they created their proprietary Easy Change Screens! Kannastor’s patent-pending grinders allow you to easily change the sifting element to both replace worn out screens, and to better suit your pollen preference with different mesh sizes and materials. Kannastor Multi-Chamber Grinders come standard with a Stainless Steel Screen, while these replacement screens feature a 60-Mesh monofilament filter. Why Monofilament? Monofilament screens are the ultimate solution to achieving the perfect sift. Although Kannastor Stainless Steel screens were already top of the line, these new Monofilament screens yield the highest quality pollen possible in the market today. If you’re looking to replace your grinder’s sifting element with the same screen that comes standard in all multi-chamber Kannastor Grinders, check out Kannastor’s 60-Mesh Stainless Steel Easy Change Screen instead.

The 60-Mesh Monofilament Easy Change Screen will fit any 4-piece Kannastor Grinder, as well as the GR8TR V2 Jar Body and GR8TR V2 Solid Body Grinders. Simply choose whichever size corresponds to your grinders diameter (width), access your old screen through the base compartment of your grinder, remove it with a simple counter-clockwise spin, then quickly install your new screen with a clockwise twist. From there, your new Monofilament Screen will do all the heavy lifting for you! These innovative grinder screens are best in class, expertly engineered to transfer pollen/kief from your dry herbs into the base compartment of your favorite Kannastor grinder. Quickly replace your screen, and not your entire grinder, with any of our Kannastor Easy Change Grinder Screens today!

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Kannastor Easy Change Screens
60-Mesh Monofilament Screen
Highest Quality Pollen Yield
Patent-Pending Design
Monofilament Filter
Unique Design
Multiple Sizes
Easy to Replace
Pollen Sifting Screen
OEM Replacement Part
Replacement Grinder Screen
Fits All Kannastor 4-Piece Grinders
Fits GR8TR V2 Solid/Jar Body Grinders
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