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Kind Pen Mist 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer 🔋

Kind Pen Mist 2.0 Cartridge Vaporizer 🔋

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Experience the freedom to stay lifted wherever you go with this portable device that delivers powerful hits. The Mist 2.0 is one of The Kind Pens’ smallest and most portable vaporizers. This pocket-friendly vaporizer battery is designed for waxy oil vaping and features 510 threading, making it compatible with pre-filled concentrate or CBD cartridges. The open-face, open-top design of The Kind Pen Mist 2.0 Vaporizer ensures a clear view of your oil levels at all times, and the battery fits nearly any 510-threaded cartridge, depending solely on width.

As with nearly all of The Kind Pens’ products, quality is paramount. The Kind Pen Mist 2.0 is crafted from durable materials and straightforward electronic components, ensuring a reliable vaporizer battery. The Mist 2.0 offers three different voltage settings to suit nearly any vaping style. Each heat setting is indicated by a color-coded light system and can be quickly adjusted using simple single-button controls. The compact size of The Kind Pen Mist 2.0, paired with the lowest voltage setting, allows for stealthy use when out in public.

The Kind Pen Mist 2.0 Vaporizer is so compact that it easily fits in the palm of your hand. The battery capacity is sufficient to last most users a full day of vaping on the medium voltage setting. The Mist 2.0 Vaporizer Kit comes with a USB-C charger and is also compatible with the Lightning iPhone charger. Choose from 3 stylish colors and vape with the stealth of a ninja using the Kind Pen Mist Cartridge Vaporizer!

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The Kind Pen Mist 2.0 Cartridge Vape
Fits Standard Pre-Filled Cartridges
510-Thread Vaporizer Battery 🔋
Discreet & Pocket-Friendly
3 Preset Heat Settings
Pre-Heating Function
Extremely Compact
Easy to Use
LED Screen
650mAh Battery
Single Button Controls
Fits .5 to 2ml Cartridges
Universal 510-Threading
USB-C & Lighting Charging
Open Face / Open Top Design

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