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KLEAN Taster Pipe

KLEAN Taster Pipe

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KLEAN produced one of the most affordable and high-quality dry herb accessories with this pocket-friendly glass pipe. Constructed from thick clear glass, the KLEAN Glass Taster Pipe can withstand everyday drops and tumbles without shattering. Simply grind up your dry herbs, add a pinch to the taster’s tapered end, and lightly pack down your materials. After that, it’s just a flick of a lighter and a draw from the mouthpiece to experience pure bliss. The clear glass exterior is embossed with the iconic KLEAN UV Decal to show others you only smoke the best. This taster also comes with a cleaning brush to remove resin and debris. Snag the KLEAN Glass Taster Pipe today for a price that can’t be beaten!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
KLEAN Glass Taster Pipe
High-Quality Thick Glass
Compact & Discreet
Flat Mouthpiece
3.5” inch Length
Cheap One-Hitter Pipe
Portable & Pocket-Friendly
Inner Notch to Budget Load

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