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L'aperitif Pre Rolled Cones

L'aperitif Pre Rolled Cones

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As an expert in the product, House of Puff was inspired by the traditional Italian apéritif and have created petite pre-rolled cones for easy and enjoyable use. Say goodbye to the tedious rolling process and instead, make your evening routine more streamlined. These cones are designed to be easily filled with your preferred mixture, allowing you to fully savor the experience. Enjoy the perfect portion with our L’aperitif Pre-Rolled Cones, eliminating any fuss with partially smoked, ashy cigarettes. 

With these organic hemp cones, you can ensure a clean inhalation as we avoid using any harmful additives such as bleach, ink, or pesticides. Not only that but these cones are made from environmentally friendly hemp, a crop known for its high carbon-capture capabilities. Each 1 1/4" or 84mm cone is crafted from 100% unbleached organic hemp paper, ensuring a slow and even burn. Sealed with Arabic gum, each box contains six individual cones.

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