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MagicalButter Silicone Butter Tray

MagicalButter Silicone Butter Tray

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The MagicalButter Silicone Butter Tray makes it easier than ever to portion out and store your dry herb-infused butter. Full sticks are divided into eight tablespoons with clear markings to help you distinguish just how much you’ll be using. Premium-grade silicone provides a safe & clean surface to store four full sticks and one fun-sized stick of butter. The MagicalButter Butter Tray is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. 

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Designed for the MagicalButter Edible Infuser
MagicalButter Butter Storage Tray
High Quality Non-Stick Silicone
Clear Tablespoon Markings
Portions Infused Butter
Heat Resistant 
Easy to Clean
Simple to Use
Dishwasher Safe
Non-Stick Surfaces
Fits 4 Full Sticks of Butter
Bonus Fun-Sized Butter Stick
Authentic MagicalButter Product

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