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Male Ceramic Dab Nail - Fits 14mm & 18mm Joints

Male Ceramic Dab Nail - Fits 14mm & 18mm Joints

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This premium dab nail is made from high-quality ceramic and features a domeless design that offers a more modern and practical dabbing experience. The inert nature of high-quality ceramic yields healthier vapor that preserves the natural flavors of your concentrated extracts. Ceramic nails also retain heat longer than titanium nails and can withstand the high temperatures of a torch flame without cracking like its glass/quartz counterpart. This Ceramic Dab Nail is equipped with a universal male joint that fits any 14mm or 18mm female joint water pipe. 

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Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
Domeless Ceramic Male Dab Nail
Made from High-Quality Ceramic
Male Joint Fits Female Joints
Fits 14mm & 18mm Joints
Retains Heat Longer
Dabbing Accessory
Smoother Hits
2” inches Tall

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