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An instant mood shift for your BUDDY.
Made in USA.  
Lifetime Guarantee. 

Part of the 199X Collection, GHOST is a blizzard white color inspired by the decade's significance as the final chapter of 20th century. This high gloss finish ceramic coated tip is interchangeable with any existing BUDDY pipe.


Sleek. Sustainable. Unbreakable. Our modernized take provides the best one-hitter pipe  experience with a longer length, deeper bowl that holds 3-5 puffs, and slim sides for quick, easy packing. 

BUDDY features a luxe brushed satin finish, and two-piece design that makes cleaning a breeze. Each BUDDY pipe comes with: 

  • Odor-proof reusable container
  • Travel Tube
  • Ash Cap
  • Cleaning Wand
  • Care Guide

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