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Mighty Mini Bundle

Mighty Mini Bundle

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This bundle may be mini, but it’s potent! Keep the fun going and make delicious treats anywhere you go with the sleek, portable Ardent Mini and 2 of our mess-free must-haves.

  • Ardent Mini: Compact, 3 settings, and holds up to 1 ounce of flower & 6 ounces of oil
  • Infusion Sleeve: Food-grade, FDA-approved, and BPA-free silicon canister lining
  • Frainer: Hybrid funnel & strainer to take the mess out of straining your infusions


Use Mini to decarboxylate any starting material you desire with its customized settings perfect for activating all of your favorite cannabinoids. Use the Mini Infusion sleeve to keep your machine neat and clean during the activation cycle. If you decide to infuse after, the Mini Infusion Sleeve is perfect for that, too! Just pour the oil and butter right into the Mini Infusion Sleeve for a mess-free experience. Once you’re done infusing, use the Frainer to pour and strain super clear oil into a jar or right into your favorite dishes or creations.


Grab our high-potency CBGA flower to add an amazing new cannabinoid to your repertoire.

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