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MJ Arsenal Plasma Core 6" Dab Rig Set

MJ Arsenal Plasma Core 6" Dab Rig Set

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Discover a new level of satisfaction with your dabs by using the MJ Arsenal Plasma Core Dab Rig Set! This compact dab rig, created in collaboration with acclaimed glass artist Richie Gage, is expertly made from premium clear borosilicate glass for long-lasting performance. Vapor travels through the stemless joint connection and into the 4-hole puck percolator, providing outward water diffusion as you inhale.

The orb-like chamber of this rig allows for blasts of bubbles to rise up, with water returning to the base and delivering sweet and sumptuous vapor to you. The innovative design, combined with a double-bent stem, also reduces the potential for splashback. This box set includes a standard flat top 10mm male quartz banger, a stainless steel dab tool, and a directional airflow style carb cap, perfect for maximizing the vaporization of your concentrates.

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