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My Bud Vase Stardust Water Pipe

My Bud Vase Stardust Water Pipe

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Meet Stardust, the only woman you'll ever need in your life. This lovely lady promises to leave a lasting impression and lives for entertaining. The My Bud Vase Stardust Water Pipe stands 12” inches tall and features a decanter-style body made of thick textured glass with hand-painted gold detailing. When using the matching glass stopper or the ivory pearl anemone flower poker tool inserted through the mouthpiece, this water pipe will easily blend into your everyday scenery. Well, it will at least try its best to blend in despite sporting a gorgeous aesthetic. 

The My Bud Vase Stardust Water Pipe brings more to the table than just its stunning looks. The decanter body sits on a sturdy 4.5” diameter base and works exactly like a beaker bong in producing large, robust hits from your dry herbs. The base filters your smoke through water using a fixed downstem with a 9mm rubber grommet joint. The joint houses an included large clear bubble bowl slide. As an added bonus, the decoy flower poker doubles as a tool for clearing out spent materials from your bowl between uses. Add a sparkle to your festivities and home decor with the highly decorative Stardust Water Pipe from My Bud Vase today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
My Bud Vase Stardust Water Pipe
Extra Thick Glass Construction
Blends into Normal Scenery
Vase-Style Beaker Bong
Hand-Painted Details
Flared Mouthpiece
Fixed Downstem
Decanter Body
12” inches Tall
45° Joint Angle
9mm Female Joint
4.5” Diameter Base
3.25” Male Bowl Slide
Clear Glass Bubble Bowl
Flower Poker Tool Included
Matching Glass Stopper Included

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