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My Bud Vase Turtle Bong

My Bud Vase Turtle Bong

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The Turtle Bong is the latest turtally awesome creature in the My Bud Vase Collection of stealthy flower vase bongs. The Turtle Bong’s chambers filter each hit through water and are specially designed to infuse your smoke with the calming and centering energy of the ocean. Each of these vase-style bongs is made of green mosaic tiles in a natural display of hexagonal ridges that provides a protective outer shell. The Turtle Bong is topped with a gorgeous seeded fig floral arrangement and a brass poker tool with a glow-in-the-dark marble that you can store inside the neck to disguise the bong amongst your normal decor while not in use.

My Bud Vase Turtle Bong

The My Bud Vase Turtle Bong is perfect for those who seek a deeper connection with nature and their own spirituality. Designed with your highest purpose in mind, this turtle-shaped bong comes with everything needed to help you stay grounded. The Turtle Bong stands 8” inches tall and includes a green pull-stem bubble bowl slide for dry herbs. A wooden beaded bracelet with a metal My Bud Vase logo charm around the neck expertly completes the natural look and can be left on the bong or adorned around your wrist. Don’t race through life -- take it at your own pace instead with the My Bud Vase Turtle Bong.

Get Connected:

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
My Bud Vase Turtle Water Pipe
Thick Ceramic Construction
Vase-Style Beaker Bong

Rubber Grommet Joint
Green Bubble Bowl
45° Joint Angle
Turtle Themed
8” inches Tall
5” inches Wide
Fixed Downstem
9mm Pull-Stem Bowl

Wooden Beaded Bracelet
Blends into Normal Scenery

Glow-in-the-Dark Poker Tool
Seeded Fig Floral Arrangement

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