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O.pen 510-Thread Vaporizer Pen Battery 2.0

O.pen 510-Thread Vaporizer Pen Battery 2.0

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The O.pen Battery is incredibly versatile yet easy-to-use. An ultra-compact pen-style design enables stealthy vaping sessions on the go while its stylus button controls everything with color-coded lights to display the voltage and battery life. Five clicks turn the O.Pen on, two clicks adjust voltage, and three clicks show how much battery power remains.

The O.pen Battery 2.0 features four voltage settings, offering complete control over your vapor. With four heat settings, you can explore a variety of experiences from small, flavorful hits, to huge clouds and anything in-between. Each setting is color-coded:

  • Purple - Low (2.4v)
  • Orange - Medium (3.2v)
  • Green - High (4.0v)
  • Blue - Wax Mode (4.0v)

Charge up your O.pen Battery anywhere via rapid charge USB. To activate Rapid Charge Mode, simply swipe your finger across the O.pen logo and it will change from orange to red. Once fully charged, the light will turn green. If your battery is not fully connected, the lights will flash red instead.

An auto-shutoff feature powers down the O.Pen vaporizer after eight minutes, conserving material and battery power. This vaporizer battery is 510-threaded so it's the perfect companion for industry-standard pre-filled cartridges. Compact and powerful, O.pen packs advanced features into a pocket-friendly battery that's ready for anything.

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O.pen 2.0 510-Threaded Vape Pen Battery 🔋
Works with Standard Pre-Filled Cartridges

Variable Voltage (Four Settings)
Eight-Minute Auto-Shut Off
Color-Coded Light Display
Universal 510-Threading
Rapid Charge Mode
USB Charging
Stylus Button

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