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OCB Solaire Slim Rolling Papers & Tips

OCB Solaire Slim Rolling Papers & Tips

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OCB papers are one of the oldest cigarette rolling paper brands around, which means they've refined their process countless times. The rolling papers made by OCB are known to be ultra thin and chlorine free. This ensures the papers burn smooth and slow.

OCB Solaire papers get their name from the French word for "Solar", so add a bit of flair to your next smoke sesh! These classic white OCB Solaire Slim papers are 110mm and come with 26mm tips. The papers are made from flax, and each leaf holds up to 1 gram of ground material.

Single Booklets contain 32 leaves & 32 tips each.

Full Boxes contain 24 booklets each.


  • 32 leaves & tips per booklet
  • King slim sized
  • Flax rolling papers
  • Made in France
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