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Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery 2.0 + Smart USB

Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery 2.0 + Smart USB

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The Ooze Slim Twist 2.0 is here to steal the spotlight from its predecessor with new features that will improve your vaping experience. The first and most important feature is its more efficient battery, resulting in a longer battery life. When you need a charge, you now have two options to get your Ooze Slim Twist up and running. The Smart USB is still included, but now there is a USB-C port with pass-through capability so you can continue to vape while it is recharging. However, you’ll need to purchase and use your own cable, as it is not included in this kit. Ooze utilized customer feedback and lowered the voltage options from 2.0-4.0 volts. The new and improved Slim Twist also allows you to take a hit by auto-draw or pressing the button.

The Slim Twist 2.0 is just as intuitive as the previous model. Simply press the button down to take a hit, and the battery will shut off automatically after 15 seconds of inhaling to protect against overheating. It has a preheat mode activated by clicking the power button twice. The battery will heat for 15 seconds in preheat mode without needing to hold the button down. The Ooze smart USB charger is included with each vape pen and has built-in overcharge protection. The charger automatically shuts off as soon as the battery reaches a full charge, significantly extending each vape pen's life. If you liked the Ooze Slim Twist, then you will love the upgraded Slim Twist 2.0!

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Ooze Slim Twist Battery 2.0 + Smart USB 🔋
Twist to Change Temps (2.0-4.0 volts)
Designed for Pre-Filled Cartridges
Precision Temperature Control
Universal 510-Threading
Smart USB Charger
USB-C Charging
320mAh Battery
Auto-Shut Off
Rapid Charge

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