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Ooze Twist Hot Knife Dab Tool

Ooze Twist Hot Knife Dab Tool

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If you are having trouble loading your concentrates and are tired of your dab tool sticking to every surface, then the Ooze Twist Hot Knife is the perfect addition to your setup. The Ooze Hot Knife is an electronically heated dab tool that helps to scoop and load your concentrates cleanly with the touch of a button. It utilizes a ceramic tip that will slide your dab off in just a few seconds. It comes with USB-C charging, which means rapid charging in case you’re in a rush. Cleaning the device couldn’t be easier. Just hold the button for a few seconds and wipe with a q-tip.

Get Connected:

Designed for Wax Concentrates 🍯
Ooze Twist Hot Knife Dab Tool
Rapid Charge Time
USB-C Charging
Ceramic Tip
Simple to Use
Calibrated Heat Source
Electronic Heated Dab Tool
Cut & Load Wax Wax with Ease

*Caution: The Ooze Twist Hot Knife ceramic tip gets very hot. Use the cap to store when finished. 

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