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PAX Plus Vaporizer Kit

PAX Plus Vaporizer Kit

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Just when you thought the Pax 3 couldn’t get any better, the Pax Plus is here to steal the spotlight. PAX has taken the battery life from 1.5 hours with the Pax 3 to up to 2.5 hours of vaping per charge with the Plus. In addition, re-packing your vaporized herb is easier than ever with the pop-out 3D oven screens. Not only has Pax upgraded the device, but the new multi-tool makes clearing and stirring your herb even more pleasant.

The extremely portable form factor of the Pax Plus Vaporizer makes it easily the best vaporizer for on-the-go! It’s a dual-use vaporizer that can utilize both dried products and oils. The powerful and efficient conduction chamber on the Pax Plus has a lightning heat-up time of only 22 seconds and can be controlled through its four heat settings. With all this and much more, the Pax Plus vaporizer is the king of the hill when it comes to the vaporizer market.

The Pax Plus vaporizer proves that convection heating isn’t really all it’s made up to be! Pax Plus produces some serious vapor. In both flavor and density, the Pax Plus vape has earned its place among the best vaporizers in the industry. Included in this kit is the Pax Plus unit, charger, and vaporizer maintenance kit, along with two mouthpieces. In addition, this premium option includes a host of accessories suitable for vaping extracts, including a concentrate insert, multi-tool, half-pack oven, and their new and improved 3D oven screens.

The Pax Plus vaporizer is an evolution in every sense of the word due to its advanced heating system. The Pax Plus uses a convection heating system to vaporize the active ingredients in your dry herb directly. This heating system is precision-engineered to allow you to enjoy some of the thickest, tastiest vapor money can buy with every draw. Simply put, the Pax Plus is one of the finest dry herb vaporizers on the market, and best of all, thanks to its rapid heat-up time, you won’t have to wait for your first flavorful hit.

The Pax’s high-tech battery offers long uninterrupted vaping sessions. To ensure that none of your battery life goes to waste, a sophisticated array of lip-sensing sensors ensure that the heating elements only engage when you lift the unit to your mouth to take a hit. The multicolored LED lights in the unit provide real-time feedback, and the convenient vibrating alert will notify you when your chamber is fully heated and ready for use. With all of this powerful technology packed into such a small package, it’s no question that Pax has claimed ownership over the portable vaporizer throne.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs & Wax 🍯🌿
PAX Plus Vaporizer Complete Kit
Rapid 22-Second Heat-Up
Cutting Edge Technology
4 Preset Vaping Modes
2.5-Hour Battery Life
Dual Compatibility
Discreet Design
.5g Capacity
Haptic Feedback
Vibrates When Ready
New Chamber Design
LED Status Notifications
Clean and Quick Vaporization
10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Box Includes:

1 x PAX Plus Vaporizer Unit
1 x Concentrate Insert
3 x 3D Oven Screens
1 x PAX Charger
1 x Multi-Tool
2 x Mouthpiece
1 x Carry Pouch
1 x Maintenance Kit
1 x Half Pack Oven Lid
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