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Phoenician Classic 2-Piece Grinders

Phoenician Classic 2-Piece Grinders

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Enhance your cannabis sessions with Phoenician's premium 2-piece weed grinder, recognized globally for its superior quality. Designed with unique notched grooves, this grinder provides exceptional grip, making it comfortable to use during your daily sessions. Its ultra-sharp teeth are engineered for precise and effortless grinding, ensuring a consistently smooth result every time.

Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for a scratch-resistant finish, their grinders are built for enduring performance. The 2-piece design fits together perfectly, providing a seamless grinding experience. Ideal for both beginners and experienced users, this grinder is an essential addition to your cannabis toolkit. Choose Phoenician for a grinder that's not only built to last but also designed to elevate your cannabis experience.

Small: Diameter: 1.855" | Height: 1.14" | Weight: 3oz
Medium: Diameter: 2.47" | Height: 1.14" | Weight: 5oz
Large: Diameter: 3.225" | Height: 1.14" | Weight: 9oz

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Phoenician Classic 2-Piece Grinder
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
Ergonomic Grip
2-Part Design
Magnetic Top Lid
Perfectly Designed Teeth

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