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Phoenician Classic 4-Piece Grinders

Phoenician Classic 4-Piece Grinders

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Discover superior grinding with the 4-piece grinder from Phoenician, precision-crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum for impeccable performance every use. This grinder stands out with its sleek, functional design, making it the ideal choice for any cannabis enthusiast. It features a unique thread-less quick-lock system, eliminating the need for screw-on caps and allowing for easy, secure locking of your herbs. The razor-sharp teeth are meticulously designed to finely grind your herbs, delivering a smooth, even texture consistently.

Built for durability, this grinder withstands daily wear and tear and retains its pristine condition thanks to the anodized finish, which provides a stylish look and long-lasting resilience. The Phoenician grinder is a high-quality grinder that's designed to last forever. Elevate your grinding game with the Phoenician 4-Piece Grinder and see the difference in quality and performance for yourself.

Small: Diameter: 1.855" | Height: 2.225" | Weight: 4oz
Medium: Diameter: 2.470" | Height: 2.225" | Weight: 7oz
Large: Diameter: 3.225″ | Height: 2" | Weight: 11oz
Large w/ Paperholder & Ashtray: Diameter: 3.225" | Height: 2.225" | Weight: 9oz

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Phoenician Classic 4-Piece Grinder
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body
Quick-Lock System
Kief Compartment
Ergonomic Grip
4-Part Design
Kief Brush
Pollen Screen
Pollen Scraper
Magnetic Top Lid
Pollen Catcher Base
Perfectly Designed Drop Holes

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