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Phoenician Upgrade Kit

Phoenician Upgrade Kit

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Phoenician grinders come equipped with a standard 300-micron screen, designed for easy replacement to meet your needs. Each screen is laser-cut to ensure the highest quality and consistency. They understand that heavy users may need to replace their screens over time. Additionally, they recognize that the moisture content and consistency of herbs can vary significantly depending on the region, climate, and curing methods involved.

Recognizing that one-micron size does not fit all scenarios, Phoenician has engineered their grinders with versatility in mind. Their design allows you to easily swap out the existing screen for one that matches the specific requirements of your environment and herbs, ensuring optimal filtering for any situation.

Each Upgrade Kit Includes:

2 Bumper Rings
1 Standard 300-micron screen
1 Course 400-micron screen
1 Fine 180-micron screen
1 Screen screw
1 Lexon ring
1 Allen key
1 Guitar pic

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