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Piece Water

Piece Water

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Piece Water is a tap water replacement that works to stop resin from forming on Mj Arsenal water pipes, dab rigs and bubblers.  The 100% natural and non-toxic formula can be easily added to a clean piece to help prevent resin buildup. It also traps particulate matter, leading to cleaner and more effortless hits.

How to use Piece Water

  1. Shake Piece Water gently
  2. Add it to a clean piece
  3. Enjoy

When you're ready for fresh Piece Water, just rinse with tap water.


  • Proprietary blend of natural mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts
  • Works great for flower or concentrate
  • Keeps your piece clean while smoking
  • Filters particulate matter, leading to cleaner and smoother hits
  • Viscosity produces a better draw for a deeper pull
  • Reduces odor between water changes
  • Reduces the need to clean your pieces with chemicals (just a quick rinse with tap water and your piece is clean!)
  • Can be stored in refrigerator for cool hits

What's in the bottle:
Piece Water

Size: 4 or 12 ounces

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