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Prepara Evak Dry Herb Storage Container - Compact

Prepara Evak Dry Herb Storage Container - Compact

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The Evak Compact storage container keeps your dry herb as fresh as possible. No buttons or levers--simply push down the lid and pull up to create an airtight seal. The lid slides down into the container so that even small amounts of herb can be packed tight. A twin valve system removes air from the interior effectively preventing dry herb from becoming dried out or stale. A high-grade borosilicate container with BPA-free plastic components preserve essential compounds so what comes out is the same quality as what you put in. Featuring an innovative air-sealed storage system with room for up to 16 fl. ounces of material, the Prepara Evak Compact Container makes it extremely easy to keep your dry herbs fresh.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Prepara Evak Container - Compact
Innovative Dry Herb Storage Container
Made from High-Grade Glass & BPA-Free Plastic
Twin Valve System Maintains Freshness
Preserves Flavors & Aromas
Fits up to 16 FL Oz.
Compact Design
Airtight Seal
Odor Proof
Easy to Use
Smaller, More Compact Handle Lid
Evak Compact Holds 16oz | 2 cups | 0.5 qt | 468 ml
Measures 3.6” x 3.6” x 3.8” inches

** Cleaning Instructions: Glass is dishwasher safe; wipe clean handle.

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