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Prism Pipes Halo Beaker Bong

Prism Pipes Halo Beaker Bong

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The Prism Pipes Halo Beaker Bong is the perfect starter piece for your custom bong collection. It comes with the Clear Tall Mouthpiece, 7mm thick Beaker Base, a Diffuser Downstem and 14mm Male Bowl Slide, and a Halo Connector in the color of your choice. With Prism Pipes’ custom bong system, it’s easy to break it down for cleaning, replacing parts, or bringing on your next adventure.

Get Connected: 

Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Prism Pipes Halo Beaker Bong
Thick Borosilicate Glass Body
Clear Tall Mouthpiece
Colored Connector
Diffuser Downstem
Beaker Base
Easy to Clean
Travel Friendly
45° Joint Angle
5” inch Base Diameter
14mm Male Bowl Slide
Removable Parts for Customizing

*Note: Want to customize your bong or add additional parts? Visit our Build-a-Bong Portal.

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