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Prism Pipes Replacement Custom Bong Mouthpieces

Prism Pipes Replacement Custom Bong Mouthpieces

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The mouthpiece of your water pipe can drastically change the look and feel of your bong. If you ordered a Custom Bong through our Build a Bong app or have a pre-built model from Prism Pipes and you’re looking to change up your mouthpiece, you came to the right place. Upgrading the replaceable mouthpiece on your modular custom bong is a quick and easy way to add functionality and style to your existing water pipe. These thick glass replacement bong mouthpieces from Prism Pipes are sized to fit the Halo Connectors found on all of the Custom Bongs designed on our build-a-bong app and any of the pre-built models/modular bongs from Prism Pipes as well. 

There are three types of replacement bong mouthpieces from Prism Pipes, including tall, standard, and bent. The Standard Mouthpiece is perfect for a quick replacement as it’s the cheapest option of the three mouthpieces offered by Prism Pipes. The Standard Mouthpiece measures just under 8” inches tall and has a triple pinch ice catcher so you can add ice cubes inside the neck of your bong through the top. On the other hand, the Tall Mouthpiece adds nearly 12” inches to the top of your modular bong allowing extra time for your smoke to cool down and giving you ample space to stack ice cubes!

The Prism Pipes Bent Neck Mouthpiece offers a slightly different alternative than the standard and tall variations. If the water levels in any of your bongs percolators are uneven, then the smoke will be harsher because it won’t be completely filtered. This can happen when you smoke a beaker bong or straight tube while slumped over on the couch or laid back in a recliner. A bent neck mouthpiece makes your water pipe a bit more casual and allows you to effortlessly smoke from your bong in any position without sacrificing function (because it’ll keep the water level). Some people prefer bent neck mouthpieces because the tubing is skinnier, which allows you to clear the smoke inside your bong more slowly, rather than getting hit with a big cloud of smoke all at once. The bent neck is also a common bong feature because it prevents the splashback of water from reaching your lips while you inhale. 

Product Specs:

Standard Mouthpiece:

- 5mm Thick Glass
- 7.7” inches Tall
- 2” Tube Diameter

Tall Mouthpiece:

- 5mm Thick Glass
- Height: 11.8”
- Tube Diameter: 2”

Bent Neck Mouthpiece:

- 5mm Thick Glass (Base) / 4mm Neck
- 5” inches Tall
- 30° Degree Angle
- 1” inch Tube Diameter (Neck) 
- 2” inches Wide (base)

Get Connected:

Prism Pipes Bong Mouthpiece
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Multiple Styles & Colors*
Changes Functionality
Thick 5mm Glass
Parts for Bongs
Easy to Replace
Fits Custom Bongs
Fits Prism Pipes Bongs
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Replacement Bong Mouthpiece

Note: If you’d like a new replacement mouthpiece with one of the decals offered in our Custom Bong builder, please email us for availability and pricing.

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