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Prism Pipes Replacement Custom Bong Percolators

Prism Pipes Replacement Custom Bong Percolators

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Looking to change the functionality of your custom bong? The Prism Pipes Replacement Percolator is the perfect solution! The Halo Connectors on our Custom Bongs, and all pre-built water pipes from Prism Pipes, are equipped with patented Halo Connectors that allow you to seamlessly swap parts and add new accessories, including any number of these glass percolators. You’ll need at least two Halo Connectors to add a glass percolator to any modular custom bong or Prism Pipes water pipe (one to connect to the base and one to screw in the mouthpiece). There are two types of modular bong percolators from Prism Pipes, showerhead and tree. Each replacement perc is available in two sizes, standard or big, and the specifications of each are listed below. 

The Showerhead Percolator is an ideal choice for adding filtration and additional features to your Custom Bong. A showerhead percolator is a type of percolator found in bongs that resembles a showerhead. It consists of a tube with holes or slits at the bottom that flares outwards, allowing smoke to be filtered and cooled before inhalation. Showerhead percolators are one of the most popular types of percs found in bongs due to their simple design and ability to provide effective filtration. Constructed with thin slits to ensure maximum airflow, the Prism Pipes Showerhead Percolator distributes your smoke evenly throughout its chamber while you pull for ultra-smooth hits. The Big Showerhead Percolator operates the same way while adding a bit more size and volume to your bong.

Incorporating a Prism Pipes Tree Percolator into your modular water pipe will add a ton of filtration to each hit and put on a show while doing so. A tree percolator is a specific type of percolator that consists of a central tube that runs up through the body of the bong, with multiple arms extending down from the top like the branches of a tree. These arms are equipped with small slits or holes at the bottom that allow the smoke to diffuse and cool down as it passes through the water in the chamber. This results in smoother, more enjoyable smoke. With a tree percolator, you can expect less harsh hits and better filtration of impurities. The Big Tree Percolator belongs in a class all on its own, featuring a 12-arm perc that will elevate your custom bong in a big way.

Product Specs:

Showerhead Percolator:
- 5mm Thick Glass
- 5.5” inches Tall
- 2” Tube Diameter

Big Showerhead Percolator:
- 5mm Thick Glass
- 6.3” inches Tall
- 2.5” Tube Diameter (middle portion)

Tree Percolator:
- 5mm Thick Glass
- 5.5” inches Tall
- 2” Tube Diameter

Big Tree Percolator:
- 5mm Thick Glass
- 6.3” inches Tall
- 2.5” Tube Diameter (middle)

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Prism Pipes Bong Percolator
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Thick 5mm Glass
Fits Custom Bongs
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