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Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

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It doesn’t take a detective to know this sherlock pipe is special. The Puffco Proxy is a highly versatile, portable, and customizable vaporizer for wax concentrate consumption. This modular vaporizer resembles a glass sherlock pipe and can be fully personalized with a number of compatible Puffco accessories and artistic third-party glass attachments that are continuing to be released. A glass flower bowl can even be purchased to use this vape with dry herbs! The Proxy can be broken down into two main components: the glass sherlock casing and the base that goes inside it. The included glass sherlock pipe is made from medical-grade glass that cools each hit and safely shelters the base. The base can be installed into a slew of other glass accessories, including Puffco’s Proxy Bubbler, and contains a state-of-the-art atomizer powered by Puffco’s 3D Chamber technology.

The Proxy Vaporizer by Puffco

The Proxy’s 3D Chamber is a futuristic innovation of vaporizer heating technology. The ceramic bowl where you will load your materials is embedded with heating tracers that heat your concentrates on the side walls as you inhale, instead of the bottom of the chamber, to preserve the quality of your oils. This highly advanced atomizer amplifies the flavors of your concentrates and produces consistently smooth hits. The Proxy is equipped with four color-coded pre-set temperature settings that complement the flavor production of the 3D Chamber and offer different levels of vapor production. Use the Proxy on the blue setting (low heat) to enjoy the most flavor or green (medium heat) for a healthy balance of flavor and vapor production. The red setting (high heat) offers more vapor while still preserving flavor, and the white setting (Peak) provides the biggest dabs.

The Puffco Proxy is an intuitive vaporizer that is operated with single-button controls. Click the button to turn the Proxy on, select your desired heat setting, and double-click the button to begin heating. The Proxy takes approximately 30 seconds to fully heat and will flash and vibrate when ready. Hold the vaporizer upright and inhale gently for maximum vapor production. The Puffco Proxy is the perfect travel companion when you’re on the go and includes a sturdy carrying case with extra storage for all-in-one portability. This vaporizer features fast USB-C charging and can be fully charged in 90 minutes. Build your own custom masterpiece with the Puffco Proxy today! 

Get Connected:

Compatible with Wax Concentrates 🍯
The Puffco Proxy Wax Vaporizer
4 Pre-Set Temperature Settings
Borosilicate Glass Sherlock
3D Heating Technology
Glazed Ceramic Bowl
Auto-Sleep Function
30-Second Heat-Up
Single Button Controls
USB-C Rapid Charging
Included Carrying Case
Sleek Ergonomic Design
Compact & Travel-Friendly
Modular Concentrate Vaporizer

Box Includes:

1 x Proxy Vaporizer Base/Battery
1 x Proxy Glass Sherlock/Casing
1 x Proxy 3D Chamber
1 x Proxy Travel Case
1 x Puffco Loading Tool
4 x Puffco Dual Use Tool
1 x USB-C Charging Cable

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