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Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe Attachment

Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe Attachment

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If you’re looking to bring a Proxy vaporizer on your rough and rugged journeys, then the Puffco Travel Pipe is an essential accessory. While the Proxy Travel Pack offers a layer of protection for your glass, the Travel Pipe takes it further and removes any chance of damage from the equation. The Travel Pipe comes in four classy colors and comes with a compartment for your accessories, such as cotton swabs or dab tools. It also has a flat bottom with a grip to keep your Proxy stable on flat surfaces. Simply remove the 3D chamber from your Proxy, place it in the Puffco Travel Pipe joint, and you are ready to go!

Get Connected:

Compatible with the Puffco Proxy
Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe
Flat Gripped Bottom
Optimal Grip
Travel Friendly
High-Grade Silicone
Backpack for Storage

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