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Pulsar 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display

Pulsar 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display

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Proudly keep your full collection on display with this unique glass accessory from Pulsar! The 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display features a 20” inch long menorah-shaped body that is equipped to hold a total of ten 14mm male accessories (not included). If you have a large assortment of 14mm bowls and bangers, this display will keep them secure and out of harm’s way. It also ensures your favorite small pieces stay organized and are always within arm’s reach. Pulsar’s 10-piece Banger/Bowl Display is constructed with thick borosilicate glass to keep it weighed down, while two color accented flared bases on opposite ends keep it sturdy on any flat surface. Give your 14mm accessories a new place to call home with the Pulsar 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display today!

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Pulsar 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display
Female Joints Fit Male Accessories
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Menorah-Shaped Body
Unique Display Piece
Keeps Bowls Safe
20” inch Length
Polished Joints
2 x Flared Bases
Thick Heavy Glass
10 x 14mm Female Joints
Holds 10 x 14mm Male Joints*
Fits Bangers, Bowls & Accessories

*Note: The Pulsar 10-Piece Banger/Bowl Display is sold empty and pictured above with accessories for display purposes only.

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