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Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher (18mm Joint, 45° Angle)

Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher (18mm Joint, 45° Angle)

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If you’re searching for a water pipe accessory that will save you time cleaning while providing extra filtration to your smoke, look no further! The Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher functions as a buffer between your bowl piece and bong, trapping ash and spent materials that pull through your bowl inside the main chamber to keep your water pipe cleaner for much longer. This unique ash-catcher features a fixed downstem in the center that leads to a colored glass percolator shaped like a mini beaker bong! The beaker perc effectively cools and filters your smoke through water for smoother, more enjoyable hits. The Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher is relatively large and stands 5.5” inches tall, making it an excellent add-on for heavier glass bongs with plenty of stability.

This Beaker Perc Ash Catcher from Pulsar features a reinforced dewar’s joint with a 45° angle and 18mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 18mm female joint water pipe while accepting 18mm male accessories on top. The 45° joint angle pairs best with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 45° joint angle (commonly seen in beaker bongs or straight tubes with a removable downstem). To use this ash catcher, fill the main chamber so that the water level is above the hole on the beaker perc. This allows your smoke to be successfully filtered without pulling any excess water into the main chamber of your bong. Turn your bong into a clean, mean, smokin’ machine with the Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher today!

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Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Reinforced Dewar’s Joint
Colored Glass Perc
Beaker Percolator
Fixed Downstem
5.5” inches Tall
Easy to Clean
45° Joint Angle
18mm Joint Sizes
Frosted Pulsar Decal
Keeps Your Bong Clean
Pairs with 45-Degree Joints
Accepts 18mm Male Accessories
Fits 18mm Female Joint Water Pipes

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