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Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station

Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station

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Sticky dab tools & carb caps left on tabletops can be a nightmare to clean. Even worse, they often end up lost or broken. Designed to keep your accessories clean and collected, the Isopropyl Cleaning Station from Pulsar features four designated spots to house your essential dabbing and cleaning tools safely. This nifty glass contraption will provide a stand for your carb cap, dabber tool, isopropyl alcohol, and q-tips while keeping them always within arm's reach. If your tools, carb cap, or any other of your smoking accessories need a good cleaning, simply remove the plug to your isopropyl chamber, dip your q-tip or pipe cleaner inside, and scrub away at any time! Each of Pulsar’s Isopropyl Cleaning Stations are made from thick borosilicate glass and measure 4” inches tall. The station accommodates most carb cap sizes, and the opening for the dabber tool measures 8mm wide. Sold in a variety of colors, complete with a frosted Pulsar logo on the front, this accessory is guaranteed to add style to any dabbing station. Quit the dab tool and carb cap juggling act in clean fashion with Pulsar’s Isopropyl Cleaning Station today!

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Pulsar Isopropyl Cleaning Station 
Eliminates Residue Buildup
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Included Glass Cork
Isopropyl Chamber
Dabber Tool Stand
Carb Cap Stand
Q-Tip Holster
4” inches Tall
Unique Design
Easy to Maintain
Four-In-One Tool
Dabbing Accessory
Cleaning Accessory
Frosted Pulsar Decal
Choice of Color Base

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