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Pulsar "No Ash" Ash Catcher (18mm Joint, 90° Angle)

Pulsar "No Ash" Ash Catcher (18mm Joint, 90° Angle)

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There's nothing worse than cleaning your bong just to find ash and debris floating around after the first hit! That’s exactly why Pulsar created the “No Ash” Ash Catcher. The “No Ash” Ash Catcher was designed to keep your bong looking like new using a dual-chamber design that blocks spent debris from entering the main body of your water pipe. This fixed downstem housed within the main chamber sports a clear glass showerhead percolator that filters your smoke through water before it can move upwards and into the supplemental chamber. The second chamber is equipped with a matching colored glass stem that forces each hit to travel to the very top of the ash catcher before it can make its way into your water pipe. The redirection of smoke from the first to the second chamber stops anything extra that may have passed through the water. 

The best accessory for adding functionality and style to your favorite glass bong, this “No Ash” Ash Catcher from Pulsar features a 90° joint angle and 18mm male connection. The joint size corresponds with both joints, so this ash catcher will fit into any 18mm female joint water pipe while accepting 18mm male accessories on top. The 90° joint angle works best with water pipes and glass bongs that also have a 90° joint angle (90-degree joints are vertical and sit upright). To use this ash catcher, fill the main chamber so that the water level is just above the fixed downstem allowing your smoke to be effectively filtered on each hit without pulling water into the main chamber of your bong. Choose from a variety of exciting colors and keep your bong classy, not ashy, with the Pulsar “No Ash” Ash Catcher!

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Compatible with Bongs & Water Pipes
Pulsar “No Ash” Glass Ash Catcher 
Male Joint Fits Female Joints
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Double Chamber Design
Colored Glass Accents
Showerhead Perc
Fixed Downstem
Unique Design
Easy to Clean
90° Joint Angle
18mm Joint Sizes
While Pulsar Decal
Keeps Your Bong Clean
Pairs with 90-Degree Joints
Accepts 18mm Male Accessories
Fits 18mm Female Joint Water Pipes
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