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Pulsar 6" Scorpion Hand Pipe

Pulsar 6" Scorpion Hand Pipe

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Looking for big rips without the sting? Look no further than the Scorpion Hand Pipe from Pulsar! This creepy critter measures a large 6” inches in length, providing your smoke with ample time to cool off before hitting your lips. The Scorpion Hand Pipe is designed to be held upside down while smoking, featuring a deep flower bowl and air-carb on the scorpion’s belly and a stealthy built-in mouthpiece on the tail. This unique glass pipe is stronger than scorpion armor, crafted from thick borosilicate glass. The sleek black colored glass is finished with worked glass accents that expertly replicate a real scorpion, and the hand pipe is topped with a frosted Pulsar decal. Give your friends a scary surprise at your next smoke session with the Pulsar Scorpion Hand Pipe!

Glass Scorpion Hand Pipe

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Pulsar Scorpion Hand Pipe
Thick Borosilicate Glass
Deep Flower Bowl
Built-In Air Carb
6” inch Length
Unique Design
Scorpion Themed
Novelty Glass Pipe
Frosted Pulsar Decal 
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