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Pulsar 18" Upscale Horn Bong

Pulsar 18" Upscale Horn Bong

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The Pulsar Upscale Horn Bong is a colorful water pipe that stands 18" inches tall to provide plenty of percolation space for all your smoke. This unique water pipe features an inline percolator and a triple-pinch ice catcher for an added level of chill to your filtered rips. The 18mm female joint houses an 18mm male herb slide with a unique horn handle.

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿
Pulsar Upscale Horn Bong
Premium Borosilicate Glass
Built-in Ice Catcher
Fixed Downstem

Inline Percolator
18” inches Tall
Straight Neck
90° Joint Angle
Reinforced Joint
Colorful Accents

Sturdy Flared Base
18mm Female Joint
18mm Male Bowl Piece
Straight Tube Water Pipe
Thick Scientific Glass Bong

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