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Vuber Pulse Pro Vaporizer 🔋

Vuber Pulse Pro Vaporizer 🔋

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Maximize control, power, and flavor with the Pulse Pro smart battery. Boasting exclusive draw-down technology, this state-of-the-art 510 battery is packed with features. Our patented "Never Burn" ensures optimal cartridge performance. Experience the full flavor of your cartridges with the versatile Pulse Pro, designed by team Vuber with your needs in mind.

With Vuber's popular "Never Burn" technology, the Pulse Pro automatically adjusts the voltage to match your cartridge's resistance, gradually decreasing as you inhale. Want to customize your experience? Easily adjust the temperature or voltage to suit your preferences and get the perfect heat every time. Keep track of usage with built-in dual puff counters – one for lifetime use and one for each session. Elevate your vaping game with the Pulse Pro.

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