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Rainbow Pride Glow 12.5" Beaker Bong

Rainbow Pride Glow 12.5" Beaker Bong

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Illuminate your collection with the 12.5-inch tall Rainbow Pride Glow Beaker Bong! Made from high-quality, clear borosilicate glass, this water pipe features a classic beaker design with a spacious chamber. The exterior is adorned with an enamel rainbow ribbon, weed leaves, and multicolored hearts, all of which have glow-in-the-dark accents. 

The slitted downstem diffuses water for an optimal smoking experience, while the 3-pinch ice catcher in the neck allows for ice-cold hits. Each bong comes with a separate downstem and a 14mm male herb slide. Additional details: Borosilicate glass construction, Beaker style, 3-pinch ice catcher, Enamel rainbow ribbon and leafy heart decorations, Glow in the dark accents, Slitted diffuser downstem, Herb slide included.

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