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Randy’s Classic 1.25" Wired Rolling Papers

Randy’s Classic 1.25" Wired Rolling Papers

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Founded in 1975, Randy’s produced the first-ever wired rolling papers and have yet to look back. These handy rolling papers took the world by storm, featuring a thin steel wire built right into each paper that makes your rolled cigarette extremely easy to hold from start to finish. Wired rolling papers also eliminate the need for excess rolling tools such as filter tips or roach clips. As your paper burns the wire will remain, allowing you to pass and hold your joint without having to handle a smelly, messy roach at the end of each joint. We recommend bending the wire when enough is exposed to provide each paper with a convenient handle!

Randys Classic Wired Rolling Papers

Previously known as Randy’s Silver Rolling Papers, these papers have been rebranded with an unmistakable bright blue packaging. Don’t worry, these redesigned blue booklets contain the same exact 1.25” wired rolling papers that everybody has come to know and love! With Randy's Classic 1.25” Wired Rolling Papers you'll officially put an end to sticky and burnt fingers. The built-in wire also keeps your papers straight while rolling, making this a great choice for those who are still learning to roll their own joints. 

Randy’s Classic Rolling Papers are each wired and proudly packaged by hand in the USA. Each wire is made from American Stainless Steel, and the papers are made from an all-natural blend of flax and tree pulp. Every pack contains 24 papers measuring 77mm in length (approximately 3.13” inches), and the full box contains 25 packs. Enjoy easy rolling and easy holding today with Randy's Classic 1.25” Wired Rolling Papers!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Randy's Classic Wired Rolling Papers
American Made Stainless Steel Wire
All-Natural Flax & Tree Pulp Papers
Eliminates Burnt/Sticky Fingers 
Easy to Hold Without Tools
Traditional 1.25” Papers
24 Sheets per Pack
25 Packs per Box
Classic 1¼ Size
Easier to Roll
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