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Randy’s All-Natural Hemp Wick - 4 ft Bundle

Randy’s All-Natural Hemp Wick - 4 ft Bundle

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Go natural with Randy’s line of organic Hemp Wick! Traditional butane lighters & torches can leave you inhaling noxious gases during each use. On the other hand, Randy’s Hemp Wick is made from all-natural organic hemp and beeswax that delivers better tasting, butane-free hits. Once lit, hemp wick will slowly burn for long extended periods of time. Not only does hemp wick offer more endurance, but it also allows for more control of the flame, giving you the ability to ‘corner’ bowl packs and share greens as opposed to burning/charring bowls from top to bottom. 

Randys Hemp Wick

Randy’s Hemp Wick burns at a much lower temperature than a butane powered lighter resulting in less harsh, more intense hits. The low-temperature burn of your hemp wick will not immediately combust your herb, thereby allowing for longer sessions too. As an added benefit, the beeswax coating makes this hemp wick extra resilient and waterproof! Snag this 4 Foot Bundle of Randy’s All-Natural Hemp Wick and start enjoying longer-lasting bowl packs, more greens, and better-tasting butane-free hits today.

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Designed for use with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Randy’s All-Natural Hemp Wick (4ft)
Organic Hemp & Beeswax
Handy 4-Foot Bundle
Slow Burning
Cleaner Hits
100% Natural 
More Flame Control
Resilient & Waterproof 
No Butane Tastes or Smells
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