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Randy’s Roots 1.25" Organic Hemp Wired Rolling Papers

Randy’s Roots 1.25" Organic Hemp Wired Rolling Papers

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From the makers of the original wired rolling paper, Randy’s Roots are your classic 1¼” inch wired rolling papers made from vegan-friendly organic hemp. Randy’s Roots are 30% thinner than Randy’s Classic Rolling Papers and made of 100% organic hemp. The gum used on the glue strip is derived from African Acacia Trees and completely free of additives. Every paper is equipped with the classic “Randy’s Wire” made from American Stainless Steel. As your paper burns the wire will remain, allowing you to pass and hold your joint without having to handle a smelly, messy roach at the end of each session. The built-in wire also keeps your papers straight while rolling, making Roots a great choice for those who are still learning to roll their own joints. 

Randys Roots 1 1/4” Organic Hemp Wired Rolling Papers

Randy’s Roots Rolling Papers are each wired and packed by hand in the USA. Every pack contains 24 papers and the full box contains 25 packs. Each Paper measures 77mm in length, or approximately 3.13” inches long. Grab a single pack, or treat yourself to a full retail-ready box of 25 packs, and enjoy a truly all-natural smoking experience with Randy's Roots Organic Hemp Wired Rolling Papers today!

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Compatible with Dry Herbs 🌿 
Randys Roots Wired Rolling Papers
American Made Stainless Steel Wire
Unbleached Organic Hemp Papers
30% Thinner vs. Randy’s Classic
Eliminates Burnt/Sticky Fingers 
Natural African Acacia Gum
Easy to Hold Without Tools
Traditional 1.25” Papers
77mm in Length (3.13”)
24 Sheets per Pack
25 Packs per Box
Classic 1¼ Size
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